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Ieroween Eve by ChristiansChokehold Ieroween Eve :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 5 1 Me, Kari And Frankie by ChristiansChokehold Me, Kari And Frankie :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 4 0 Me And Frankie by ChristiansChokehold Me And Frankie :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 5 0 Me and Frankie by ChristiansChokehold Me and Frankie :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 7 0 Mr. Frankie's Favorite Spot by ChristiansChokehold Mr. Frankie's Favorite Spot :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 6 0 Frankie Anthony Iero-Hess by ChristiansChokehold Frankie Anthony Iero-Hess :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 8 3 Halloween - 2007 by ChristiansChokehold Halloween - 2007 :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 2 11
Mature content
The Final Goodbyes - Billierard 3 :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 2 0
Halorise- The Beginning Part 11
Skyline's P.O.V.
I noticed Fun and Demo talking a little, making me smile. When I heard him call my name I prepared for our normal greeting. He tackled me, causing both of us to fall to the ground. "Jesus Fun, you're never going to outgrow that are you?"I shoved him off me so I could stand up.
"Never, why? Do you want me to?" He laughed.
"That's a good question. I held my hand out to him, pulling him up off the ground.
"I see you've met Party already." He threw an arm around my shoulders the best he could before turning the both of us so we could see everyone. "The lovely ladies with the blue hair coming out of the diner are Bella Morte and Kooky Killer. Kobra and Jet are somewhere around here, but I don't know where at the moment." His words started to fade as I noticed him and Dis looking at each other weird.
I looked over at him, smiling. "Come here?" I waved him over, seeing him quickly across the space between us and mold himself into my side and I wrapped my arm around h
:iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 0 0
Halorise- The Beginning Part 10
Disenchanted’s P.O.V.
“Good morning you guys.” Cyanide’s voice chimed through the car.
“Morning. You guys ready to go?” Demo questioned over as she got resituated in the front seat.
“Of course. I’ll be tailing you like I was yesterday.” He smiled over at her.
“There’ll be a diner about ten miles into zone six. That’s where we’re headed.” Sky spoke up, getting a slight reaction from Whatsername though she didn’t speak up.
“Alright.” A unified response from both Demo and Cyanide signaled the end of the conversation, and Demo started the car.
“You feeling okay Dis?” He looked down at me, a look of worry in his eyes.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I promise you.” I smiled up at him, letting my hand slide up his chest to where his was resting and slipped my fingers into his.
“Okay good.” He smiled finally and leaned his head back, watching out the window as Demo drove.
:iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 0 0
Halorise- The Beginning Part 9
Disenchanted’s P.O.V.
I woke up to Sky’s voice, talking to Demo I thought until I opened my eyes. I was looking directly into the eyes of another girl I wasn’t quite sure if I knew.
“Good morning Dis.” Her voice was soft as a smile started to form over her lips.
I looked up at Sky, seeing him looking out the back window then back at her. “Hi.” I was a little nervous.
“Dis, this is Whatsername. She said…” Demo started to say.
“Oh, jeeze. I thought you weren’t going to show up.” I sat up quickly, getting a slight head rush. “Ooh.” I put a hand to the side of my head, laying back down against Sky’s chest.
“You alright love?” His voice cooed above me, and I felt his hand starting to rub my back lightly.
“Yeah, I’m alright. Just a bit of a head rush is all.”
Demolition’s P.O.V.
“We should all get some real sleep before tomorrow. Then we get to meet these frien
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Halorise- The Beginning Part 8
Demolition’s P.O.V.
“Hey! Hold on a second.” I climbed out of the car, leaving the door open a little. I watched her turn around, her purple fringe shining in the sun.
“Yeah? What do you want?” She crossed her arms nervously over her chest.
“We just wanted to stop and see if you needed anything. Like a ride somewhere or water. Something?” She held her hands up a little, hinting over at her.
“Um…” She looked around. “How far are you going? I heard that one of my friends is going out to zone six, and I wanted to meet up with him.” She looked around her, not sure if she could truly trust the small girl in front of her.
“We’re going out to six. Who are you meeting with?” She looked back at the cars, seeing that Sky had fallen back to sleep at least.
“Disenchanted Halo. He and I met through an old friend.” She shifted back and forth on her feet.
“Oh! You’re Whatsername huh?” She look
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Mature content
Sleep Terror 3 :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 3 0
Your Eyes
Patrick's P.O.V.
Your eyes; as we said our goodbyes. Can't get them out of my mind, and i find, I can't hide from your eyes. The ones that took me by surprise.
"No Pete. I'm leaving. I told you I would if I caught you doing this again. I don't want to watch you kill yourself like this." I stormed back into our bedroom, tears streaming down my face.
"No, please. Don't leave. I can stop." He followed me quickly, wrapping his thin arms around my waist.
"I have to. I need some time to think. Some space." I squirmed out of his grasp and just grabbed my guitar case, knowing that I had some clothes already in my car.
"Please Pat, I need you." His voice trembled.
I almost gave in again, but steeled myself a little knowing that this was going to be the best thing for both of us. A few weeks away and then maybe he would realize that I was more important than his so called job and his drugs. I felt like he was always putting me on the back burner, or not even caring about me in th
:iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 8 37
Birthday Present by ChristiansChokehold Birthday Present :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 9 15
Mature content
To Where You Are :iconchristianschokehold:ChristiansChokehold 5 9


Listen to tracks from ''Dos'' By Green Day!
Listen to these four tracks from ''Dos'' By Green Day. If you want more just say :D
''Wild one'' (track 5)
''Night life'' (track 11)
''Lady Cobra'' (track 10)
''Amy'' (track 13)
I've listend to the whole album, these were my favourite track so hence the videos.
I still encourage you all to buy the album :)
:iconchemicalkid101:chemicalkid101 3 1
Mature content
In The End (OneShot) :iconchee-wee:chee-wee 6 4
I found something. (wholikeskilljoystories?)
And as the title suggest, I found something while cleaning up my files in my laptop.
I have here some killjoy stories that were never read before. They are actually the stories based from MCRdeviantClub's Killjoy text meme (found here: Now, the Killjoy era has passed and I don't really want to post them in my gallery but hey, it'd be nice to get them read before I'd totally forget about them.
So, this one's for all of you rock n' rollers, all you crash queens and motor babies.
Mousekat Surveillance will appear in my journal for some weeks with killjoy stories that I've wrote probably when I was bored/sleepless/high/delusional.
Apparently, some of the stories need more characters and I don't have much characters so if you'd want your killjoy oc to be a part of my little insanity, I'd love to write for your killjoy. :]
Mousekat Surveillance will be on tomorrow, the aftermath is secondary.
:iconcrimsonletters:crimsonletters 1 9
R.I.P. Bands
Further to Mybabyisdeads journal I was going to put up a journal simillar so here goes:-
Lead vocals :Freddie Mercury,Kurt Cobain,Ronnie Dio & Mitch Lucker
Lead guitar :Jimi Hendrix,Dimeball Darrell, John Lord
Bass guitar :Paul Grey,Worzel
Drums  :The Rev
Backing vocals:Elvis,Michael Jackson,John Lennon & Notoriuos B I G
Please don't hit on me for using such big names as backing but I'm trying to be all inclusive.Hell I even brought in a rapper and I HATE  rap.
Sorry if I,ve missed out anyones favourite please let me know or just add to list.
:iconaryassquire:AryasSquire 2 3
Hello all. I have some very important news for you all today. Most of you are going to be kinda mad at me, I guess.
I'm quitting technology, you could say.
My phone ran out today, and I'm not going to ask my dad to renew it.
(For anyone that has my number, I'm really fuckin' sorry, okay?)
I feel like I'm wasting my life away. Coming home. Getting on the laptop. Not talking to anyone in real life. I hate it. But I know I have to do it in order to maintain my friendships.
But I think it's about time that I stop worrying about other people; and start worrying about my own life.
I've never even been snowboarding. ;-;
I remember back in 7th grade. I had a boyfriend that I adored, a best friend that I hung out with so much. But then eighth grade rolled around I got depressed and started to get onto the internet. Now I'm addicted, I have one good friend. I don't hang out with anyone on the weekend. I'm alone.
With my thoughts. And my computer.
Do you know how sad that can make someone?
:icongrimasever:GrimAsEver 3 38
Bandit's Smile by Miserychan Bandit's Smile :iconmiserychan:Miserychan 99 24
Mature content
::Contest Entry:: It's Not My Fault :iconlittleblackmariah:littleblackmariah 9 22
Seize The Day Part 14
Gerard stood shirtless in front of the bathroom mirror looking at his four month pregnant belly. He examined his small budge, caressing it with his hands gently. He didn't look terribly large, but you could definitely tell that this wasn't ordinary chubbiness as his back and waist hadn't gained any roundness, just his stomach. Where you would normally see breasts on a normal pregnant woman there was nothing but the same flat chest as always. He ran his hands around his stomach and where his once inne belly button was now slowly transforming into an outie. Everything felt surreal to him. There was a living and growing life form inside of him, a part of Frank inside himself.
Gerard pressed his hands on the firmest spot of his belly. He pressed his fingers into it gently wondering if that was his baby inside him.
Gerard gasped as he felt two warm arms slip around his waist. He looked up into the mirror to see Frank with his arms around Gerard's waist and his head on his shoulder grinning
:icongreendaymcrmy:GreenDayMCRmy 11 1
Ashley Castello Living Dead Queen 4 by AlysonRose Ashley Castello Living Dead Queen 4 :iconalysonrose:AlysonRose 5 2 dreams by cms-star dreams :iconcms-star:cms-star 4 0 let go - part 1 by cms-star let go - part 1 :iconcms-star:cms-star 3 3 let go - part 2 by cms-star let go - part 2 :iconcms-star:cms-star 3 1 let go - part 3 by cms-star let go - part 3 :iconcms-star:cms-star 3 1
in pitch black,
no longer tossing and turning,
no longer afraid
i stopped talking back
and stopped asking why
because all of a sudden
i realized...i realized...
history will not repeat itself
and God holds me close
because i am not dark!!
i am not dark!!
sometimes and maybe, kind of
is all i get when i long,
but that's not enough
still waiting but not turning blue,
i will breathe while i wait
to be alive if you come
i won't hold my breath...hold my breath...
but i'll still hope
and try to believe
as i pray
but i won't hold my breath, hold
:iconcms-star:cms-star 9 5
sometimes it's the saddest word to say
and it's sad to walk away
with just the memories
but i stride
with petals falling from my hands
and leaves crunching in the light
promising my freedom
let it slide
was the hardest thing to do,yes
but history changed itself
when i made those choices
broken blood
oozes from the cracked skin
and my innocent body...
but you were satisfied
you look fine
as you smile from day to day
but does he even know
the things you hide?
are you happy?
i hope you finally rest
and have some harmless fun
learn to be kind
say goodbye...
let me out of your mind
unclasp your hand from around me
and let yourself live
:iconcms-star:cms-star 17 18
poisonous tears
poisonous tears
cut as they fall
sitting at the grave
in the darkest night
we're so similar,
but now you smile
left alone this year
when you both fled
left alone again
without any worth
poisonous tears
tears of blood
full of fears
not enough
resembling the same
child that cried
glancing outside
in the black corner
i saw myself sore
i began to die
the last tear
slid down slowly
peeling my core
shredding my bones
that last tear
finally left my soul
:iconcms-star:cms-star 4 0


Two Days Away

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 9:36 AM
The skin's header goes here

So, I apologize to the following people for the lack of texting, as my cell phone was stolen. XxRunaway-ScarsxX, VengeanceInShadows, PandaProjectile.  When I get a new phone I will ask the three of you for your numbers again.

In other news, I spent not last night but the night before in a crisis clinic, which in turn put me on some medication to keep my self in check a little until this gets easier to handle. But that's why I wasn't online for 2 days. And for the lack of updates today.

But I'm doing alright. Feeling a little happier even through the situation I find myself in.

Other thank yous for being in my thoughts while I was stuck next to a really creepy lady who thinks I sing in my sleep:

Cuddlepuss, WordsCannotHarmMe, TheManThatLaughed, DeadSkarlett, littleblackmariah ((well, that's everyone's name I can remember off the top of my head, but I was thinking about all of you))

I hope everyone is well. :huggle:


  • Listening to: Bullet - Hollywood Undead
  • Drinking: Water


ChristiansChokehold's Profile Picture
Seth Christian "Chris"
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer, and a mother.
One living. One passed. :iconheartbreakplz:
So not much time for anything else.

I do commissions as well.
Written and drawn. You say what you want, and I'll price it out for you.

I love writing fanfictions.
My favorite couples are as follows:
Billie Joe/Gerard Way
Frank Iero/Mikey Way
Billie Joe/Mike Dirnt
[[Will do others if asked though]]

I read all though

I usually do my own ideas, but lately with my mind acting the way it is I've perfered basing them around songs.

Killjoy Name: Disenchanted Halo
[thanks to :iconlostinparagraph:]

“The difference we wanna make is number one to let these kids know that they’re not alone, that they’re actually not that messed up and that they can do whatever they want; they can express themselves however they want, without being persecuted or called a faggot or some kind of racist thing. You know, really just to get people to get over their stuff so they can live.” ― Gerard Way

Recovering alcoholic.

:iconcuddlepuss: :iconvengeanceinshadows: :iconpandaprojectile: :iconwordscannotharmme: :iconusing0nlycaps: :iconxxrunaway-scarsxx: :iconnatafin: :iconsexypandababy: :icondark-harou:

I'm shy at first, but if you give me a chance, you'll see who I really am.
And who knows? You might actually like me.

I know this might sound cheezy, but its still true.
My Chem saved me.
From the people who tortured me and from myself.
I wish I could officially meet them. :heart:


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